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FO-1 (full power)

Four time World and Seven time North American Champion Ron Sherry commissioned us to design the first sail for his composite mast and this is the sail that has dominated ever since. This sail has won more regattas over the last twelve years than any other sail in the world. The FO-1 is our fullest and most powerful sail we offer for the composite mast. The strengths are acceleration off the starting line, coming out of tacks, and mark rounding’s. This sail is favorite for all ice boaters regardless of what fleet you race in because of how forgiving this sail is to trim and steer by. The designed target range for this sail is for light to moderate wind speeds and when the ice is not necessarily the best of conditions.

€ 1100,- incl. battens, sailnumbers and sailbag

ABBS (speed)

World Champion Andreas Bock was instrumental in the initial concept of this sail and was designed for him as fast ice speed sail. Over time most of our customers added this sail to complete the two sail package under our rules. The strengths are top end boat speed without the sacrifice in loss of angle going upwind. The designed target range for this sail is moderate to heavy wind on glass ice.

€ 1100,- incl. battens, sailnumbers and sailbag

MS-1 (super speed)

Named after World and North American Champion Matt Struble. We determined that we needed to add a high wind sail for the most extreme conditions. This sail has the lowest amount of drag and has the highest top end speed of any sails we produce. the strengths are controllability and top end boat speed for the conditions that are nearly un-sailable.

€ 1100,- incl. battens, sailnumbers and sailbag

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